May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

A quick update before I am going to be temporarily dead 😛 Are you still thinking of what to give your mother for Mother’s Day? Are you in for some self-treat? Do you love legal, free songs offered by the artists themselves? Especially Sarah Fimm?

Sarah… who?

I have no time for emotional cruelty or sarcasm since my head is spinning but even if I did, Sarah Fimm could cure your hurt that was unintentionally caused by my id (Freud, anyone?) with 31 of her songs that she offered for free under her Karma Phala Music Project in which her purpose is to share her music with the world. The 31 songs are from her past albums and even her latest, Near Infinite Possibility that was released earlier this year. 31 songs. That’s a lot, I know but doesn’t it mean there’s always something for all of us regardless of our congenial and personal taste?

Feel free to download the project here (it’s the link that Sarah puts herself) and the best thing is, it was supposed to expire on 24th December last year but hey, it’s still there! So what are you waiting for? I want to download it tonight but I’m just too sleepy and tired.

One more thing, if you want the physical 1GB drive with all the songs and video delivered to your doorstep (shipping is covered by the amazing, gorgeous, talented Sarah Fimm herself!), check out the project FB page.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! If you excuse me, I’m going to check out on the house cat because when I see her sleeping soundly and peacefully next to her favourite food bowl (yeah, since she’s going to meow very loudly as early as 5 in the morning for food!), I can sleep like the dead with no worries whatsoever because tomorrow will be such a terrific day.


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