The swelling fermata

April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s important to be direct and honest with people about why you’re photographing them and what you’re doing. After all, you are taking some of their soul.

Mary Ellen Mark, documentary photographer

I love those words so much I don’t mind posting them for infinite number of times and inevitably, they become somewhat a blurry inhibition to my tendency to stare at or watch (as you like it!) people since I cannot–and will not–take their pictures regardless how much I want to keep their emotions–usually, the positive ones–with me for a while as a good luck charm, what’s more, I think the people they love and who love them deserve more to be the keeper of their soul than this foolish woman who just hopes that she will find something from them that remind her of a certain someone. But yeah, stand and stare I am and the best moment to watch people?

Always, when they are moving.

While the best place is always from a high place. Um… I know I make myself sound like a serial stalker or something but sometimes, we have to believe in fate, that is all.

Out of the vast sea of unfamiliar faces, there are infinite unanswered questions such as the name of flowers up there in the sky or deep in the sea that can make them smile, do they rush to get on the train because of the jealous time or of a special someone waiting for them at home, if they sleep like a spoon or rarely at all, you know, interesting facts about us that we’ll never serve on a public platter.

But then, more and more people eat alone with their eyes never leaving the screen of their cellphones. A young couple, after feeding each other hamburgers, find themselves silently staring at the opposite waves of bodies, always nearly colliding into each other and in the end, tapping the screen of their iPad. A wife, with a slightly large frame from childbirth, keep trying to catch her husband’s eyes for the slightest hint of reassurance. And yeah, a woman–the only one who met my eyes unlike other people who quickly turned away and fastened their pace after they caught me randomly watching them–gave me an indignant smirk for the sole intention of this message: I am not interested because…

Hm hm...

Seriously… there goes my people-watching activity. I guess, I’d take the soul anytime now….

Songy time! I dedicate this song to all people out there whose answers to those questions I always welcome. People, especially…

Writer’s note: I guess my bicycles pictures are an exception, then. By the way, my friend’s female students told her that they felt more empowered and motivated after listening to the chorus of the song sung by Jill Johnson for in their opinion, the intensity in her voice makes the claim more believable and truer than Bruno Mars after being deluged with endless fictionalized facts by the media of how much we love to tramp down one another for the sake of fornicating beauty; also, it is just profoundly sorrowful in my opinion if we, as a woman, do not treat each other with utmost respect and admiration for do we really need to add more into the list of discrimination that many women face–sometimes, unimaginably–every day?


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